Prevention Is the Best Cure When It Comes to Workplace Injuries

Prevention Is the Best Cure When It Comes to Workplace Injuries

Each year, many people suffer from workplace injuries, from minor problems such as repetitive strain injury to serious conditions like slipped discs. Even if the roles are mostly desk-based, injuries gained in the workplace can cost employers a lot in time booked off sick, and in extreme cases, money for settlements.

Whilst it seems that sports massages are solely for athletes, this treatment is actually suitable for anyone, regardless of their job type. A sports massage is more than a relaxing massage you’d experience at a salon or spa – it’s an effective method to reduce and treat physical injuries. Sports massages work by releasing tense and overused muscles, and they also aid in the removal of waste products (such as lactic acid).

A common misconception is that over-movement is more damaging than lack of movement. However, a lack of movement can be as damaging as excessive strain on muscles, so sports massages can equally reduce the damage to underused muscles and joints.

How Does Sports Massage Work?

After movement, the muscles in the body tighten, which can be uncomfortable or painful. Stretching is a great way of increasing blood flow to the muscles and easing tightened muscles. Acting on this principle, sports massage helps to increase blood flow, and also encourages tissue to heal by realigning muscles that have been damaged.

Stretching helps in many ways, but a limited range of movement means that certain areas just can’t be relieved. Sport massage allows any area to be treated, meaning a better chance of recovery from certain workplace injuries. Along with sports massage, rest is also integral part of recovery from injury.

What Work-Related Injuries Can Sports Massage Reduce and Prevent?

The application of sports massages are varied, but they can help to reduce some of the following conditions. Prevention is one of the best ways of reducing pain and long-term chronic conditions from developing.

Tiredness/Fatigue: If an employee is feeling overtired from pushing themselves too hard, they may have aches and pains, which disrupt sleep.

Repetitive Strain Injuries: Many jobs require a person to perform the same motion over and over, such as typing or using a mouse etc. Sports massages are great for reducing and preventing issues with repetitive strain injuries.

Stress: Sports massage can help employees deal with stress better through improved blood flow, and they help you to focus the mind on matters that aren’t stressful.

Lifting: Even with correct training and posture when lifting and moving heavy objects, the body can still suffer wear and tear.

Posture: Many people are guilty of slouching over a keyboard when sitting at a desk all day. Whilst being aware of good posture, sports massage can drastically improve poor posture and reduce damage. Massage can also be a good preventative measure as it keeps the joints and muscles pliable.

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