The Part After Surgery You Haven’t Considered

The last few weeks have been challenging. Unexpectedly my dad fell and broke his main thigh bone clean in two. After the initial shock, paramedics, ambulance and subsequent surgery my dad was given the disheartening news that he would be off his feet for a good few months, with a long and slow recovery period where he wouldn’t be able to do much at all.

My father is someone who rarely sits still and always on the go. To him the news he would have to rest for an extended period was probably worse for him than the pain of actually breaking his leg.

As a physio I always see this kind of injury from a professional point of view. I think about what practical things I can suggest to make things easier at home, what exercises I can give and give about my plan going forward session by session. This time however my first thoughts were not about the rehab. Instead my mind went straight to what my dad was actually going to do to fill his days with.

Thinking without my physio hat on, I have tried to come up with a list of different activities for my dad to do, to help pass the time in between home exercises, eating and sleeping. Having done this, I thought I would share it incase you or someone you know is sat twiddling their thumbs without much to occupy themselves with. So here we go..

Box Sets

Having given up on trying to teach my dad how to use Netflix on his new smart TV, dusting off the old 24 box sets has proved an invaluable boredom killer.


If you have a niche interest like gardening (or classic cars in my dad’s case), chances are there’s a podcast out there for you. Podcasts can also be a great free learning tool. If you wanted to, say, learn more about history in this forced down-time then a podcast like ‘Hardcore History’ could be a great starting point to find new topics or areas to look into.

Alternative Exercise

Having an injury doesn’t always mean you have to do absolutely nothing physically. If you’ve broken a leg there are heaps of upper body only exercises you can do either at home or in a gym (even an upper body bike for cardio) to work up a sweat and keep some form of fitness going.

Learning a New Skill

Along the same lines as the podcasts, modern technology has provided such easy access to so much information and eduction, it’s never been easier to teach yourself something new. There are so many online courses or tutorials that if you wanted to learn to paint, invest in forex or even how to set up an online business, you can find all the information you need. Getting my dad to do this however may be a bit of a stretch…

Catching Up With Old Friends

Social media has meant it’s never been easier to reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with. When you’re busy rushing around it’s easy to let things slide with people you’ve been close to. Viewing your recovery period as an opportunity for this kind of stuff can certainly make the time more tolerable.

Final Thoughts..

As someone who’s not a huge fan of trying new things, I’m dubious how many of these ideas I came up with my dad will decide to act on. I’d still however like to think that theres a good balance of activities here for most people to keep occupied and positive whilst recovering from similar injuries.

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