At PhysioDirect we have been providing regional Physiotherapy services for almost 25 years. We have a wealth of experience at your disposal to diagnose your condition and deliver a speedy recovery programme. Here’s what we do:


Whether you are suffering with persistent long term back pain, arthritis, pain in your joints, an acute sports injury, muscle pain or any other musculoskeletal condition, we have extensively trained therapists on hand to provide the right treatment.

We will listen as you describe your symptoms then give a quick diagnosis, having fully assessed and understood the source of the problem. Issues that we regularly treat include:

Back and Neck Problems

Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Sports and Non-Sports Injuries

Joint Problems



Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Work Related Problems

The cause of your condition, treatment and prognosis will be explained to you clearly so that you can understand exactly what is happening and how best to begin, or increase the speed of, your recovery.

Rehabilitation After Operation: Physiotherapy As An Aid To RecoveryREHABILITATION

Once the source of your symptoms has been diagnosed your therapist will provide you with a customised plan for your treatment. You will receive skilled, hands-on therapy to manage your symptoms along with a home exercise program. The very latest technologies are used in our clinics to aid your treatment, for example ultrasound and interferential. As symptoms improve over time, you will be rehabilitated to your previous level of function – whether that is day to day activities or competitive sport.

Call us on 0115 956 2353 to book your initial injury assessment to get started on the road to your recovery.



We have a fantastic team of physios with a wide mix of skills. All of our clinicians are highly skilled manual therapists who also have areas of special interest. We have staff who work with national and international level sports people as well as specialists in chronic pain management, movement science, acupuncture and spinal manipulation with patients of all ages.