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Nottingham Panthers: Physiotherapy Update

Having worked with Phil Rippon now for a couple of years here at PhysioDirect, I’ve always been impressed with how he’s managed to juggle working full time in private practice, and physio for Nottingham Panthers. Having discussed this with him in a previous article last year, I thought it might be worth giving an update on how things will be changing in the year ahead for him, and in general behind the scenes at Panthers.

Phil shared the exciting news with us here at PhysioDirect not long ago that he had decided to take the position as head of physiotherapy for Nottingham Panthers. Having previously worked covering match days and tournaments, Phil will now be focusing full time working with the team. Below is a recent chat about the new developments:

B: So Phil, can you tell me how the opportunity came about for you to take a more full time position with the Panthers?

P: Hi Ben, as you probably know from the what we’ve discussed previously, I was already doing some work with the panthers on game days, mainly away games however there was some home games thrown in to the mix as well. The previous therapist who worked with the Panthers has given up his position. As I have already done some work there, the management approached me to take on the duties full time.

B: Am I right in saying there will be other changes to the medical and coaching staff? What impact are you hoping this will have on performance and injuries? 

P: Yes, we’ve now also employed a full time strength and conditioning coach. We have been building new training programs to implement during preseason and have worked on an improved screening process to highlight potential injury risks. We can then tailor appropriate treatments and strengthening programs for each individual to correct these problems that might lead to injury.

B: Awesome, I know injury rates have been a problem for the team in recent times, so this sounds like a good step forward. Can you tell me any more about the different training the guys will be doing, or is that a closely guarded secret? 

P: We are going to be working more closely with a company called MyZone, they specialise in heart rate monitoring, that way the guys can see how hard they are working (both on and off ice).

I’m also hoping to introduce active recovery as a way off minimising repetitive strains and stressors on the body. Hopefully gym training will take a different direction this season too, with more time working on functional movements and greater importance placed on pre-hab [reducing risk of injuries] as opposed to re-hab of injuries.

The Nottingham Panthers on the Ice, Supported by Phil Rippon of PhysioDirect

B: Any other changes you think will give Panthers the edge this season? 

P: I’ve been having meetings over the summer with the coach and nutrition providers. We are looking to play a more active role in the players nutrition to make sure they are refuelling correctly. People have been influenced by the use of high protein food and drinks as part of recovery which is ok for people that want to build muscle mass but these guys work in the anaerobic system which uses higher muscle glycogen to fuel their movement so they need a higher carb based diet particularly post game. We’ve been working to build an appropriate menu to help the guys replace the carbs.

B: Looks like you’re covering all bases. You mentioned to me previously about having more structure. Can you tell me more about that?

P: Yes, sure. I’ve spent the summer researching and writing various protocols around injury and treatment so we can work efficiently. For example we’ve just agreed on a protocol I’ve written for the treatment of concussion, which will be implemented this season.

B: Great. Lets hope all these changes can really help Panthers take it to the next level. I’m excited to see how they get on this season, thanks Phil. 

If you want to read/see the interview with the new strength and conditioning coach. Follow the link here. As part of the changes at Panthers, PhysioDirect are now becoming one of the main sponsors, so look out for our logo on the ice!

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